The predecessor of the Beniya Brewery is the “Benibanasho” (Safflower trader) that distributed safflower and local specialties from Ushu, Yamagata to various regions of Japan. Their passion was to “pass down the good to the next generation.” The culture of Japanese food essential for leading a healthy life is also one of them that we hope to pass down.

紅谷醸造場の前進は、羽州山形から日本各地に紅花や特産物を 広める「紅花商」でございます。その思いは「良いものを次の 世代に引き継いでいく」こと。健康作りに欠かせない和食文化も 伝えていきたいその一つです。


left to right:Aji Beniya Fumi Jiman 1800ml,Aji Beniya Concentrated Shoyu 1800ml,Aji Beniya Concentrated Shoyu 1000ml,Aji Beniya Concentrated Shoyu 500ml


The economy-size mild “Aji Beniya Fumi Jiman- clear taste soy sauce-” including dashi, which brings out the sophisticated aroma and tasteful dashi flavor of fine dried bonito shavings and rich flavored soy sauce-base, is one of our fine products we present with confidence.

だし入りしょうゆ 味(あじ)ベニヤ 風味自慢 すっきり仕立て 徳用は、濃厚芳醇な本醸造しょうゆをベースに、良質のかつおぶしをぜいたくに用いて、ほんのりと格調高い香りと上品なだしの風味にこだわった自慢の逸品です。

This professionally developed flavor, which cuts back on sweetness, was created to bring out the flavor of ingredients used in Japanese dishes. The hidden flavor of ginger and pork extract compliments the ingredients and creates a pleasant harmony of flavor. Please enjoy.


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